Ib Freight

Road Transport

    IB Freight makes available to its clients services in the area of road transport in the following sectors:

  • Urban road transport
  • Intercity road transport
  • Interstate road transport
  • Transport of export and import cargo and of internal commerce
  • Customs Transit Dispatch (CTD)
  • Receipt of cargoes to warehouses, including under norms of general warehouses (partnerships) or
  • Containerization and pilling up
  • Transport System Projects
  • Contact to ships before shipment to facilitate loading of goods
  • Transport to ships and tracking of shipments until the end by a specialized staff

    IB Freight makes sure its clients' cargoes, being those big or small, light or heavy, pallets or containers, be transported with maximum care and best monitoring, which guarantee a safe delivery. The company's main goal is to minimize delivery time and optimize its clients' satisfaction.