Ib Freight

International move (baggage not accompanied)

Acting on this market for more than 10 years, IB Freight does not stop evolving, always  offering smart solutions and practices with the best cost benefit for our customers. Moreover, is with this experience that we also act on the International Moving’s market (baggage not accompanied).

How does it work?

We pick your baggage up on your house, we release the cargo with the customs clearance at the origin and at the destiny as well, then we deliver your baggage for you at your new home totally released.

Why to contract IB Freight?

Simple: for the guaranty of safety that we offer you.

IB Freight can see every customer how it really is: UNIQUE, offering so, a different service as per each one needs.

More than simple services with a fair cost. We offer you this service with a high level of quality, safety and satisfaction.

IB Freight with you: how, when and where you need!

International transport of cargo or baggage, this is what we work with! Do you need to move? Then let you baggage with us!