Ib Freight

International Insurance

Aiming our client’s freightage integrity, IB Freight included to its services the total INSURANCE of the freightage from door to door or according to the client’s needs or negotiation, making therefore the operations to the clients easier, who will be able to hire all the import and export process with IB Freight in once, due to our big mass of operations, our service can be offered with valuable amount and better rates, always working with high quality partners. 

   - simplified contract
   - reduced rates
   - free of charge of insurance policy

Why have the freightage’s insurance and pay for it? The insurance of the freightage cost is less than the cost that the freightage will have + all the shipping costs. Without insurance, the client won’t have anything or the less possible in case of damages or total lost of the freightage.
Without Freightage Insurance, the client will have a lower pay-back in case of damage. If the client carries the freightage via sea and this freightage by chance is damaged and it is without the insurance, the pay-back of the shipping line will be only US$ 500,00 per container, in the most.
Even if the freightage does not suffer any damages, the client hasn’t done the insurance, though. The client will be forced to pay the damage of the others. This is a concept called “General Average”, and was created over than 3.000 years ago. About it, those whose freightage has not suffered any damage, will be required to help the others that probably haven´t had the same luck and their freightage unfortunetely was damage, in name of the ship safety and the freightage that rest. Example: in a Storm, the captain of the ship has the obligation todrop into the ocean more or less than 30 containers to save the rest of the vessel. The owners of the saveds freightage together will pay for the 30 containers dropped into the ocean. There are cases that the value given by that owners are much bigger that the valor of their own freightage.